• ASR (Alkali - Silica Reactivity)
  • Cements and pozzolanic cements
  • Coating
    • Performance Testing
    • Failure Analysis
    • Identification
  • Compound Identifilcation
  • Corrosion Analysis
  • Fasteners, coating and performance
  • Foreign material identification
  • Metals and alloys identification
  • Minerals and Ores
  • Paints
  • Petroleum Products
  • Plastics
  • Reinforced plastics (fiberglass, etc.)
  • Special problem consulting services
  • Thermal insulating materials
  • Wear Metals & Lubrication Analyses

The CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT also serves the other departments of Northwest Labs. It's an essential element of our business of providing total service.

We provide analyses for many different metals and alloys to ascertain their composition and find out whether they meet or fall within the specifications for that material. This is vitally important because of the sophistication of materials and their uses. Applications, harsh environments and the high cost of equipment and structures makes it essential that the proper materials are used. We specialize in unique and unusual problems. However, we do routine tests and analysis on the following:

Metal alloys, fossil fuels, chemicals, petroleum products and building materials such as cement, vapor barriers, coatings and product compatibilities.

We get involved in corrosion problems as well. We determine the causes, thus allowing the client to make the necessary changes in material or environment to avoid further and future corrosion. We also perform routine corrosion susceptibility testing to ensure the raw material has been properly conditioned or passivated.


"Another incident concerned a jewelry store robbery. A man was arrested as the robber. The man claimed he was just passing by and stopped out of curiosity. The man was found guilty, but a retrial was necessary because of a technicality. The man still claimed he was innocent. The jewelry store door had been battered and they had found an axe in the defendant's car. Was the axe used in the crime? The robber doubted anything could be proven since the axe was clean. However, our tests found, indeed, the axe bore traces of the same metal used to sheath the door. The defendant was found guilty."



In summary, Chemistry is involved in much of what happens at Northwest Labs.